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Door & Trim Specialists baseboard and crown molding, doors and windows, sales and installation services are available. Baseboard and crown molding, doors and windows, sales and installation in Mesa can be schedule today. Baseboard, crown molding, doors, trim, windows in Mesa is your only local source for quality products.



Openings in walls without doors are framed with woodwork called "casing." This trim, which wraps from one side of the wall to the other, defines the opening showing care for detail and ambience for a home. A cased opening can suggest separation between two rooms without interrupting the space with a door.

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Mesa-Baseboards-2-224x150We provide the widest variety of casing, crown moldings, baseboards and miscellaneous moldings at the lowest possible prices.  Our warehouse operation provides the easiest in and out for all of our in-stock and custom order pick up.  Visit our "FAST LANE" to check available profiles.

If what you are looking for is not on stock – no problem – we will get it into our warehouse within a day!

We deliver all over the Valley of the Sun daily and can deliver throughout Arizona.  

Prices shown in the catalog below are "List" prices.  Call or visit our showroom/warehouse to see how much you can save.  Because we operate a low-overhead warehouse and specialize in moldings and doors, we can offer the lowest prices in the Phoenix area.   We guarantee to beat the "Big Corporate Warehouse Stores" by a bunch.  We even beat their large order bundle prices by at least 25%.

In addition we can offer quantity discounts or licensed contractor discounts on some materials.

To Order molding, just call 480-499-4433.  E-mail order forms to or just drive up to our "FAST LANE" and drive away with your order of baseboard or casing.

Baseboards create the perfect transition between the wall and the floor – no matter what type of support you have on your wall or floor. They perfectly conceal wires and wallpaper fringe, they hide cracks and they give a refined touch to your interior design.

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"A room without molding is like a picture without frame"

Whether your decor is contemporary or traditional in style, our molding lives up to the most magnificent expectations. Our crown molding features modern vision, classic elegance and/or old world charm with a large array of designs and sizes which will add harmony to any space. You don't have to move walls to create a new look for a room. Thankfully, you can dramatically alter a decor by working with much the much more manageable details of crown moldings and trim. Moldings represent the simplest way to add style and definition to any room. Crown molding bridges the junction between walls and ceiling, a prominent location where the architectural accent can shine. A deep crown molding can add architecture to a room that had little character before. It it draws the eye upward in much the same way curtains hung at ceiling height do. Good proportions are easily magnified with strong, heavy moldings. A simple small room can become much more dynamic with a simple but strong crown molding. By emphasizing the base and ceiling, the room has much more character and strength.

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Crown 4  Crown 5  Crown 6



10FB 1EE Unprimed Cleat 11MDF 2EE Shelving 11MDF BN Bullnose Shelving 11PB Bullnose Particle Board Shelving 12MDF 2EE Shelving 12MDF BN Bullnose Shelving
12PB Bullnose Particle Board Shelving 13MDF Square Edge Shelving 13PB Bullnose Particle Board Shelving 15FB 1EE Milled Hook 16PB Bullnose Particle Board Shelving 17PB Bullnose Particle Board Shelving
102LDF Bevel Casing 104MUL Tucson Casing 105MUL Clamshell Casing 106MUL Peoria Casing 107LDF 711 Casing 107MUL 711 Casing
108LDF 711 Casing copy 108MUL 711 Casing 109MUL 4 Flute Casing 110MUL 3 Step Casing 118LDF 4 Colonial Base 118LDF 5 Colonial Base
118MUL 3 Colonial Base 118MUL 4 Colonial Base 118MUL 4W Colonial Base Bullnose Corner 118MUL 5 Colonial Base 118MUL 7 Colonial Base 119MUL Colonial Casing
120MUL 2 Round Edge Casing 121LDF Clamshell Casing 121MUL Clamshell Casing 122MUL 2 Round Edge Casing 123MUL Colorado Casing 124MUL Colorado Casing
125LDF Newport Casing 125MUL Newport Casing 126MUL Crescent Casing 126MUL SC Crescent Casing 127MUL New Hampshire Casing 128MUL Bel Air Casing
129MUL Bel Air Casing 130MUL Moulded Casing 132MUL Palisade Casing 133MUL Palisade Casing 134MUL BayPort Casing 135MUL Monterey Casing
136MUL Monterey Casing 137MUL Carmel Casing 139MUL 2RE Casing 139MUL SC 2RE Casing 140MUL Tuscany Casing 143MUL Williamsburg Casing
144MUL 1RE Header 145MUL 2RE Casing 147MUL Savannah Casing 148MUL Malibu Casing 150MUL Cape Cod Casing 152LDF 356 Casing
152MUL 356 Casing 155MUL Cape Cod Casing 157MUL Coronado Casing 158MUL 2 4 Flute Reed Casing 158MUL 3 Flute Reed Casing Reversible 159MUL Hermosa Casing
160MUL Hermosa Casing 161MUL Cambridge Casing 162LDF 366 Casing 163MUL 366 Casing 164MUL Bell Court Casing 165MUL 275 Casing
166MUL 275 Casing 167MUL 275 Casing 168MUL Crescent Casing 169MUL Tudor Casing 170MUL Tudor Casing 171MUL 8 Flute Reed Casing Reversible
173MUL Crescent Casing 175MUL Tuscany Casing 176MUL 356 Colonial Casing 176MUL SC 356 Colonial Casing 177MUL Howe Casing 178MUL Howe Casing
180MUL Malibu Casing 181MUL Malibu Casing 185MUL Carolina Casing 191MUL Chandler Casing 192MUL Intrada Casing 193MUL Bullhead Casing
202LDF 2RE Stop 202MUL 2RE Stop 203MUL 2 RE Stop 210MUL Ogee Stop 304LDF Streamline Base 304MUL Streamline Base
304MULW Streamline Base Bullnose Corner 307MUL Bullnose Base 310LDF 711 Base 310LDF 3 8 711 Base 310MUL 711 Base 311LDF 711 Base
311LDF 3 711 Base 311LDF 4 711 Base 311MUL 711 Base 313MUL Cape Cod Base 314LDF 623 Base 314MUL 3 623 Base
314MUL 3SC 623 Base 314MUL 3W 623 Base Bullnose Corner 314MUL 4 620 Base 314MUL 4W 620 Base Bullnose Corner 314MUL 7 613 Base 315LDF 618 Base
315MUL 618 Base 315MULW 618 Base Bullnose Corner 317MUL Crescent Base 318BMUL B Cape Cod Base 318LDF Cape Cod Base 318MUL Cape Cod Base
318MUL 5 Cape Cod Base 318MUL 5W Cape Cod Base Bullnose Corner 318MULW Cape Cod Base Bullnose Corner 319LDF 356 Base 320MUL 356 Base 321MUL 3 Step Base
322MUL 3 Step Base 323MUL Hermosa Base 324MUL Hermosa Base 325LDF 3 175 Base 325LDF 4 175 Base 325MUL 3 175 Base
325MUL 4 175 Base 326MUL Crescent Base 327MUL New Hampshire Base 327MUL 4 New Hampshire Base 327MUL 5 New Hampshire Base 328MUL Colonial Base
328MUL 6 Colonial Base 329LDF Newport Base 329MUL Newport Base 330LDF Newport Base 330MUL Newport Base 330MULW
331MUL Newport Base 332MUL Crescent Base 333MUL Mission Bay Base 334BMUL Vermont Base 334MUL Vermont Base 335MUL Monterey Base
338MUL 175 Base 338MUL 4 175 Base 339MUL Crescent Base 340MUL Hermosa Base 341MUL Monterey Base 342MUL 175 Base
342MUL 7 175 Base 343MUL Laguna Base 345MUL Crescent Base 351MUL Sierra Base 354MUL Bullnose Base 355MUL Harris Base
357MUL 175 Base 358MUL Bullnose Base 361MUL Sonoma Base 361MUL 3 Sonoma Base 361MUL 4 Sonoma Base 361MUL 5 Sonoma Base
365MUL Lancaster Base 366LDF 366 Base 368MUL 566 Base 370MUL 412 Base 375MUL Tuscany Base 376MUL Classic Base
377MUL Classic Base 379MUL Savannah Base 380MUL Savannah Base 381MUL Camden Base 382MUL Williamsburg Base 383MUL Sonoma Base
384MUL 175 Base 385MUL Palisade Base 386MUL Sonoma Base 387MUL 3W 1 RE Base Bullnose Corner 387MUL 4W 1RE Base Bullnose Corner 387MUL 5W 1 RE Base Bullnose Corner
388MUL 3 1 RE Base 388MUL 4 1RE Base 388MUL 5 1 RE Base 390MUL Intrada Base 392LDF 4 Base 392LDF 4 Base REV
392LDF 5 Base 392LDF 5 Base REV 401MUL Colonial Crown 402MUL Bed Mold 405LDF Colonial Crown 405MUL Colonial Crown
406LDF Colonial Crown 406MUL Colonial Crown 407MUL Cornice 408MUL Cornice 408MUL 4 Cornice 409MUL Cornice
410LDF Crown 410MUL Crown 410MUL 5 Charleston Crown 411MUL Cornice 412MUL Georgian Crown 413LDF Small 410 Crown
413MUL Small 410 Crown 414MUL Colonial Crown 415MUL Classic Crown 416MUL Colonial Crown 417MUL Colonial Crown 419MUL Corner Mold
421MUL Carolina Crown 422MUL Savannah Crown 425MUL 3 Dentil Ready Crown 425MUL 5 Dentil Ready Crown 426MUL Georgian Crown 428MUL Georgian Crown
429MUL Georgian Crown 430MUL Single Bead Crown 431MUL Single Bead Crown 432MUL Corona Crown 433MUL Del Mar Crown 435MUL Regal Crown
439MUL Pediment 440MUL Classic Pediment 444MUL Contemporary Crown 445MUL Contemporary Crown 449MUL Colonial Crown 453MUL La Costa Crown
454MUL Del Mar Crown 455LDF Dentil Crown 460MUL 2 Craftsman Crown 460MUL 4 Craftsman Crown 460MUL 5 Craftsman Crown 465MUL 5 King George Crown
465MUL 7 King George Crown 467MUL Tempe Crown 469MUL Scottsdale Crown 647MUL Malibu Chair Rail 648MUL Bolection Chair Rail 655MUL Colonial Chair Rail
660MUL Flat Astragal 729LDF Wainscot Cap 733MUL Panel Cap 734MUL Panel Cap 739MUL Raised Panel Cap 970LDF 2EE Header Skirt
986LDF Beveled Stool 987LDF Beveled Stool 988LDF Thick Beveled Stool Unprimed 989LDF Thick Beveled Stool Unprimed 990LDF Unprimed Ogee Stool 991LDF Unprimed Ogee Stool
1098LDF Wall Cap 1099LDF Wall Cap 1100LDF Wall Cap 1101LDF Wall Cap 1102LDF Wall Cap 1103LDF Wall Cap
1104LDF Wall Cap 1105LDF Wall Cap 1106LDF Wall Cap 2000LDF Beaded T G Wainscot 2001LDF Flat T G Wainscot 2002LDF Beaded T G Wainscot
2003LDF Flat T G Wainscot 2005MUL Beaded T G Wainscot MD1 Melamine Pre Drilled Dividers MD2 Melamine Pre Drilled Dividers MD3 Melamine Pre Drilled Dividers MD4 Melamine Pre Drilled Dividers
MD5 Melamine Pre Drilled Dividers MD6 Melamine Pre Drilled Dividers MS1 Melamine Shelving MS2 Melamine Shelving MS3 Melamine Shelving MS4 Melamine Shelving
MS5 Melamine Shelving MS6 Melamine Shelving        


8fos 8os 8RSD 102LDF 107MUL 108MUL
115a 118MUL 4 119MUL 120MUL 125MUL 127MUL
128MUL 139MUL 150MUL 152MUL 160MUL 165MUL
168MUL 202a 206a 209 O 300b O 300 O
304a 304MUL 310MUL 311MUL 314MUL 3 314MUL 4
318MUL 318MUL 5 320MUL 324MUL 325MUL 4 326MUL
327MUL 329MUL 330MUL 342MUL 388MUL 3 388MUL 4
388MUL 5 401MUL 405MUL 406MUL 410MUL 410MUL B
412MUL 413MUL 414MUL 421MUL 423MUL 426MUL
427MUL 434I6S 434I8 434IL 504 O 514I6
514I8 514IL 613P 653MUL 660VG 661vg
713LDF 714I6 714I8 714IL 714LDF 715LDF
734MUL 750LDF 751LDF 753LDF 800 801
802 803 804 822 824 825
826 826a 827 828 850 851
852 854 925 927 953AR 4916I6
4916I8S 4916IL e102 E104 E105 E107
E108 E112 E201 E204 E207 E300
E300B E306 E310 E311 E401 E405
E406 E502 E504 E505 E521 E524
E572 E573 E591 E593 E594 E600
E601 E602 E605 E660 e661 E701
E702 E703 E704 E705 E706 E707
E711 E716 E720 E721 E901 E907
E981 E982 E984 PR108A PR118A 4 PR119A
PR124A PR128A PR152A PR209A PR300A PR300B
PR310A PR311A PR434E6 PR434E8 PR434WL PR504A
PR514E6 PR514E8 PR514WL PR612A PR612B PR714E6
PR714E8 PR714WL PR4126 WSQ8WHT